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Published by cprokop on 20 Aug 2008

Colour gradings in my sunset shots….

One of my biggest problems with my (landscape) photos are the colour gradings (Farbabstufungen), at the moment. Especially sunset pictures without clouds and smooth colour gradients (Farbverläufe) are affected by this problem.

In the Internet-fora I read that the gradings are the result of 8-BIT-JPEGs and above all the different quality and settings of our TFT-panels, mainly the brightness and contrast.

My answer was to commute my RAW into Black&White files. The BW-gradients are easier to handle with, I think.

Nevertheless there is one coloured shot (unfortunately it’s another shot with visible colour gradings):

Published by cprokop on 18 Aug 2008


Today I had a longer tour with my bike, than normally.

Klagenfurt-Velden-Rosegg-Ressnig-Maria Rain-Klagenfurt (~85 km)

I also took my CAM along:

Published by cprokop on 17 Aug 2008

Alpenhighlandgames 2008

Today I (I also met nomenestomen) visited the Alpenhighlandgames 2008 in Schloß Hallegg in Wölfnitz.

The funny games (in German):

- Bama schmeißn (Weitwerfen von Bäumen, Tageshöchstweite etwa 12,5 m)

- Bierle zupfn (0,5 l-Krug möglichst schnell austrinken, Bestzeit etwa 3,2 s)

- Eia wixn (ein rohes Ei unbeschadet möglichst weit werfen, bester Wurf etwa 46 m)

- Heihigl lafn (Hürdenlauf)

- Strick ziagn (Tauziehen)

Some impressions:

Published by cprokop on 15 Aug 2008

Sweet but not nonhazardous

Today we (all together 10 people) cleared the garret of the former house of my grandparents. There we have unasked animals (always the same species) for years (these animals are able to struggle through bricks).

Here you can see one of this shy animals (a younger one) in our house:

They are looking really sweet, but they are annoying and dangerous (once, my uncle had to go to hospital because of this animals).

But we caught this one and let it free on another place.

–> it’s a edible dormouse (=Siebenschläfer)

Published by cprokop on 12 Aug 2008


On 6th of August I returned from my trip to Iceland.

Here some photos:

I will write some more about this and some other trips in a few weeks in an own page.