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Published by cprokop on 29 Jul 2008


Tonight my Iceland-journey is starting. From the airport in Klagenfurt we (with my parents) are going to fly to the airport in Keflavík via the airport in Vienna.

I’ll be back on 6th of August.

Here’s the route:

Published by cprokop on 25 Jul 2008

Another macro-series

I saw this great berries in the garden and because it’s healthy I wanted to eat some of them.

Ok… and the true story is: I was a bore, had a look in our fridge, but I couldn’t find anything I wanted to drink (ice tea)… :’( … So I saw this boxed berries and in my boredom I took this four shots:

Published by cprokop on 20 Jul 2008

International Body Painting Festival 2008 in Seeboden

Yesterday we (mgratzer and tine_stone) took a look to the Body Painting Festival in Seeboden.

Bodypainting-photostreams of my photowalking-friends:

- fabian_stone

- hkavallar

- mgratzer

- tine_stone

And here is my photostream (a few more shots are on my flickr-account):

Published by cprokop on 17 Jul 2008

The End…


Today was my last working day as a ‘Zivi’. So I’ve more or less successfully fullfilled my alternative civilian service at Red Cross in Klagenfurt (9 months).

Here some statistical data of the time as a real ambulance officer (9 months minus 2 months of education):

I’ve been working about 1448 h in this 7 months. I’ve got 55 KTW-services (for moving sick persons, I’m the co-driver), 49 BKTW-services (it’s a service for people who can go, I’m the driver), 1 BT-service (for people who are sitting in a wheelchair – it’s nearly the same as KTW, I’m the co-driver), 4 RTW-services (for emergencies, I’m the co-driver), 2 ambulance services and now I’m going to enjoy 12 holidays.

Some impressions shot with my mobile-phone:

The theoretical education in Cap Wörth:

A ski-accident on 10th of January 2008:

We got an emergency to a disabled person on the ski piste in Bodental (RTW Ferlach). But the person was injured so bad that Alpin1 (from Patergassen) had to hospitalise the casualty to LKH Klagenfurt. But it was quite funny to cruise on the ski piste.

A car-accident (KTW; Keutschacher Straße Höhe Keutschach) on 2nd of July 08:

We were on the way back from Plescherken/Keutschach and we came accidentally to a head-on collision of a car and a bus (the bus tried to outran a tractor). The police was already in situ and the fire brigade arrived a few minutes later. About 10 minutes later, the rescue helicopter C11 arrived and touched down on the street. While we were doing our best, the fire brigade demounted the car to get the incarcerated casualty out of the car. The C11-crew hospitalised the disabled person to the UKH in Klagenfurt.

Published by cprokop on 13 Jul 2008

Ironman 2008

I’m still tired after getting up so early…. inhuman 4:30 a.m..

A few minutes before 6 a.m. we (mgratzer and wranner) arrived at the ‘Strandbad Klagenfurt’ to get a great position on a bridge to see the start of the 10th Ironman in Klagenfurt (it takes place from 7 a.m. to midnight).

The members of the Ironman must be absolutely crazy, because there are 3.8 km to swim, 180 km to cycle and after that 42,196 km to run. The fastest members need about 8 hours for this extreme triathlon (that’s an over all-average speed of about 28 km/h).